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Inshore, Offshore, Freshwater
and in between. The Sea fishing around the UK has changed dramatically over the last few years, gone are the big shoals of Cod, but it
is not all doom and gloom. Our Bass population is providing great sport along with other species. The same story is happening globally with different species, some fish populations are up some are down. What we know at Pure Fishing is that everything starts with bait. Without good bait the best tackle in the world is of little use. Our fish laboratories are at the forefront of technology and Gulp! is
the number one bait globally, why, because it catches fish. ‘We’ve done our part at Berkley to increase fishing success in saltwater, whether anglers are inshore, off shore, or anywhere in between,’ says
Berkley Scientist John Prochnow. Gulp! Isn’t plastic bait. It’s the next generation of biodegradable soft baits
with new formulations for
saltwater. ‘To create each Gulp!, we tinkered with molecular formulations based on the fundamental difference in how prey species smell and taste to
predatory fish. While the basic essence of all baitfish is similar from a molecular standpoint, there also are subtle differences between, say, shad and herring. This applies to the differences between baits like worms, crabs, and crawfish, too. Our research has created formulations that are appealing across the board yet also are pecies-specific’.
‘We’ve refined the bait formulation process so much that Gulp! is one of the hottest baits happening in many coastal areas. The initial growth was foremost among elite anglers, like tournament anglers. Now the news about Gulp! is spreading among the rest of the saltwater crowd’…