Drop Shotting Tips


 1.Use light braid, such as 6lb Berkley Fireline Smoke, instead of nylon as the lack of stretch in braid is important for working lures correctly. 

2.In cold weather work your lure REALLY slowly - tiny movements are all you need to tempt a Perch. As it warms up you can fish lures faster and cover more water.

3.Adjust the depth of your lure. Some days the fish want the bait within a few centimetres of the bottom while on other days you will catch more fishing a metre off the deck.

4.Drop shotting is a ‘slack line’ method. Keeping the line tight, drop the rod tip then impart tiny twitches to get the lure to imitate an injured prey fish. 

5.My favourite drop shotting lure is the 3” Berkley Drop Shot Minnow, the chartreuse, pink and ayu colours are essential. 

6.An hour at dawn or dusk is all you need to catch specimen Perch - great for short sessions before and after work. 

7.Drop shot rigs are very snag resistant so work them really tight to cover where the Perch are often holding. 

8.On some days lure colour can be incredibly important. In bright clear water conditions I find chartreuse most effective. When the water is murky more natural colours work better. 

9.To get started the Berkley Powerbait Drop Shot Pro Pack contains everything you need to try this brilliant method, so why not give it a go?