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Berkley Pros’ Favorite Fall Lures

Summer sped by, but autumn offers ample opportunities to hook up with big numbers of beefy bass on lakes, rivers and ponds across the continent. To help make this your best fall yet, we asked a handful of Berkley’s top pro staffers to share their favorite lures for fall bassin’.

Ike’s Minnow Magic

“It’s a tough call given all the great baits to choose from, but if I was limited to just one, it would be The Jerk from Berkley’s Havoc lineup,” says iconic bassman Mike “Ike” Iaconelli. “Baitfish are key to fall bass location and behavior,” he explains. “Soft, fluke-style minnow baits like The Jerk mimic this forage and are phenomenal for both largemouths and smallmouths.”

Color matches the predominant baitfish. “If bass are feeding on shiners, shad or smelt, go with Pearl White or Disco Shad,” he says. When sunfish are on the menu, shades of watermelon or green pumpkin get the nod. Matching yellow perch calls for a watermelon pattern with gold flakes, with a dab of orange from dye or a permanent marker for good measure.

Ike rigs The Jerk weightless on a 4/0 or 5/0 offset hook and fishes it near the surface with a series of tantalizing twitches and falls. “The Jerk darts in a different direction every time you twitch it, which attracts fish,” he says. “On the drop, it shimmies like a dying baitfish. Every two or three twitches, throw in a longer pause to let The Jerk work its magic.”

When dealing with smaller baitfish and bottom-hugging bass, Iaconelli says a 3-inch PowerBait Pro Twitchtail Minnow is a great alternative to The Jerk.

“Nose-hook the Twitchtail on a dropshot rig, with a size 1 hook and 3/16- to ¼-ounce tungsten dropshot weight,” he says, adding that braided mainline and a fluoro leader is hard to beat, though he eliminates the swivel in favor of an Alberto knot.

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