Berkley Conservation Institute


Fishing Line Recycling

Berkley has a long history of promoting and facilitating fishing line recycling, and is in the process of building a new program to lead this effort worldwide. We are expanding the program to involve more states and federal agencies in fishing line recycling.

Respool and Recycle
Public response to Berkley's innovative line and spool recycling program has been remarkable. Since 1990, the Berkley Conservation Institute, with the help of anglers everywhere, has recycled more than 9 million miles worth of fishing line. That's enough line to fill two reels for every angler in America.

And it continues to grow! Retailers and marinas have provided their support by displaying over 17,000 recycling collection bins. Magazines and radio stations have provided public service announcements.

Please continue your support. Pick up discarded fishing line and recycle it by dropping it off in a recycling collection bin, or mail it directly to our collection center at:

Berkley Recycling
1900 18th Street
Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360

Berkley Fish-Habs Program

These plastic structures, which include recycled fishing line, can create habitat complexity in lakes and reservoirs, especially when installed under piers and fishing docks. We will be improving our program to produce Berkley FishHabs and marketing them to conservation partners worldwide.

What can you do with your used fishing line? Recycle it and the Berkley Conservation Institute will put it back in the water in the form of a Berkley Fish-Hab structure.

A Berkley Fish-Hab is an artificial, underwater habitat structure made from recycled monofilament fishing line and line spools, along with other post-consumer materials like milk cartons and soft drink bottles. The Fish-Hab attracts fish and encourages plant growth almost immediately, providing the natural cover essential to the growth of a healthy fish population.

If left in the environment, discarded fishing line becomes a potential threat to wildlife. The Berkley Conservation Institute turns this hazard into a real benefit to fish and fishing.

Fish-Habs are available to everyone; pond owners, anglers, communities or anyone interested in improving an aquatic habitat. We designed the 4-foot cube Fish-Hab structure to be easily assembled in minutes. The completed assembly is lightweight and easy to anchor under water.

To order a Fish-Hab, send 75 UPC codes from Berkley line spools or packages or $75 to:

Berkley Fish-Hab
1900 18th Street
Spirit Lake, IA 51360

Use a Berkley Fish-Hab to start your own local aquatic rejuvenation project today!