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Berkley® Havoc® Boss Dog

Be The Boss with this New Gary Klein-Designed Bait

Designed by Gary Klein Unique hook channel on underbelly hides hook Indented cavity on back hides hook tip Highly active legs and elongated tail Available in 14 colorsIndustry-leading innovations and consistent on-the-water results have elevated Berkley® HAVOC™ baits to the level of must-have gear in any angler's arsenal. But for all of its success, some thought there was still something missing. In the mind of Berkley Pro Gary Klein, the HAVOC line was missing a lizard, so he teamed with the designers at Berkley to create the new HAVOC Boss Dog.

Whether it's on a Carolina or a Texas rig, the Boss Dog is itching to be thrown down a long point during the post spawn and ready to punch through some cover to find hunkered-down and hard-to-reach bass.

Measuring 6-inches in length, the Boss Dog features highly active, slender legs and an elongated tail, which give the bait an exaggerated and strike-inducing action with even minimal movement. The narrow body of the Boss Dog contains a unique hook channel on the underbelly of the bait to easily conceal hooks. The back of the Boss Dog also has an indented cavity with ribs that hide hook points. The flat bottom of the Boss Dog allows it to sweep up and off the bottom when fishing the Carolina rig. A slow fall soon follows, keeping the bait in the strike zone longer.

A quick pro tip: Klein recommends straight-shanked 3/0 hook for Texas rigged or Carolina rigged baits. The design of the Boss Dog gives bass something different than the typical lizard. Available in 14 different colors with an MSRP of $3.49 for a package of 10, anglers across the country will be howling to get their paws on the HAVOC Boss Dog.

  • Scent: Unscented
  • Colors: Black, Black Blue Fleck, Black Blue/Blue, Black Galaxy, Black Red Fleck, Black Red Fleck/Chartreuse, Camo, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin/Black, Motor Oil Red Fleck, Motor Oil Red Fleck/Chartreuse, Perfection, Watermelon Candy Red, Watermelon Red Magic
  • Length: 6 inches
  • MSRP: $3.49